our methods, philosophy and approach

We use the method of training known as clicker training, or marker training or reward-based training, to teach dogs to engage in acceptable behaviors. These methods have been proven through extensive research and a long history of success across many different species to be effective, humane ... and fun!

myths and misperceptions

  • You can't get good compliance using a clicker

    Nothing can be further from the truth! Reward based training is the methodology used by law enforcement and the military to train high level of predictable performance in all circumstances.

  • I shouldn't have to bribe my dog to do what I want

    We don't use bribes. We do employ rewards, which are like a paycheck. Humans expect to be paid for the work they do, so why should we expect less from our dogs?

  • I don't want to carry a clicker and treats with me all the time

    The clicker and treats are used to train new behaviors. Once your dog becomes competent at a skill, the clicker and treats are phased out.

  • If you're "soft," your dog will walk all over you

    Done correctly, reward-based training has as much (or perhaps more) structure and rules than protocols that use leash pops and shock collars. Research has shown that owners who train their dogs with violence (pinch collars, shock collars, dominance) are much more likely to be bitten by their own dogs than owners who train with reward-based training.


quality standards

A commitment to continuous learning. Our commitment to our clients and their dogs, as well as our own pets and ourselves, it to stay abreast of current research and continually seek out further education and training in dog behavior and training. As a result, we may have days when classes are cancelled so that we can attend important conferences, seminars or workshops, but this is in the best interest of us all.