Susan Fishbein, owner/head trainer

Educated. Experienced. Passionate.

Susan attends many seminars and conferences each year to keep her knowledge and skills current with the most recent research. Whether in Atlanta, Georgia, Oakland, California, or in her backyard of St. Louis, Missouri, she travels to learn about dog behavior and teaching people and dogs how to live happily with each other. She has attended seminars, conferences and workshops with such notable trainers and behaviorists as Suzanne Clothier, Patricia McConnell, Steve White, Trish King and Temple Grandin.

Susan is a Member of the Greater St. Louis Training Club, a Full Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, and an approved Evaluator for the AKC Canine Good Citizenship Evaluation and the STAR Puppy Evaluation.

Beginning in 2002, Susan has had extensive experience with rescued and shelter dogs, including over 3 years leading a nationwide breed-specific rescue organization. She has fostered countless dogs with a wide range of personalities and behavioral issues, helping them become cherished family pets by their adoptive families. She continues to have a special passion and understanding for those dogs who have experienced the abyss of a dog pound or shelter. She and her husband vacation to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah, as well as volunteer and support local shelters and rescue organizations.

APDT full memberGreater St. Louis Training Club  CGC evaluator



assistant trainers

All assistant trainers helping with any class or private lesson have demonstrated competence with force-free training methodologies and are closely supervised by the head trainer. Membership in APDT and/or the Greater St. Louis Training Club (as a trainer) are required.

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“I love seeing people and their dogs learn to communicate and truly understand each other as they work with our methods. If training isn't fun for the dogs and their people, you're doing something wrong.”
Susan Fishbein