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Our mission is to help dogs and families stay together. From selecting the right dog for your family to training for basic manners to helping resolve behavioral issues with kindness and compassion, we help you develop a relationship with your dog that is based on mutual respect and fueled by love.


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Pre-Adoption Counseling
We can help you find a dog or puppy that is most likely to be appropriate for your family and lifestyle. We start with a questionnaire and interview with the family to determine the factors that are most important to you, your family situation and lifestyle, and the degree of assistance you want from us. Services range from providing guidance to you about the qualities you should look for in a dog or puppy to doing research and behavioral assessments of a range of dogs or puppies and making recommendations of 2-3 specific dogs or puppies for your family to consider.

Behavior Consultations
Life with our canine companions does not always go smoothly. When you feel you're having some behavioral issues, we can help you understand your dog's behavior and provide some techniques and strategies for mitigating or resolving them. We especially understand behavioral issues of newly adopted rescued or shelter dogs, who can often have specific issues during the time of transitioning to a new home. Services range from telephone consultations to in-home visits and hands-on working with you and your dog.

Private Lessons
If you haven't been able to find a class offered at a time, location or with a methodology that is acceptable to you, we can meet with you one-on-one to train your dog to have basic manners. Sessions are priced individually, with discounts for purchasing multiple sessions in advance.

Puppy Class
Puppyhood is the most critical period for developing a socially-secure, well-mannered adult dog. Dogs who received appropriate socialization and training before reaching 14 weeks of age are much less likely to develop behavior issues that result in behavioral consultations later in their life or being relinquished by their owners. Our classes provide structured, safe, positive and fun experiences to help produce confident, well-mannered adult dogs.

Basic Manners
It's never too late to teach an adult dog! With our dogs, even seniors can learn new skills and learn to behave appropriately. The methods we use are appropriate for all dogs, of any age, and particularly with recently adopted dogs that may be shy and frightened. Classes are available privately or in a group setting.

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